First let’s ask the question “What is home?” It is a very difficult question to answer because of the vast possible ways to define home. The closest possible that I have come across, by the virtue of the most common words of advice, is, “Home is where the heart is”.

Home is the place where one goes to find love & peace. It’s the nest of every hunting human being. No matter where in the world you go, you always wait for the day when you say “I’m going home”.
But how does a person describe his or her home. Now comes the idea of interior design. Interior design is the life which we live in. It comprises of everything that surrounds us from furniture, materials, windows to the colours and pictures. It’s our lives at home work, school, university and even hospitals.

What’s an aquarium without fish in it? It’s just a plain glass box with water in inside. The same goes for humans as buildings need people to use them for certain functionality, otherwise would just be empty facilities with no value. Hence interior designers must study the human behaviours, actions and interactions before starting a design. A messy home will reflect in the character of the home owner as being unorganized as well.

So its necessary to take into account the owners character when designing the interior and furniture. Not only the functions but it’s exterior, shape, colours and materials, so they would be comfortable for the eye and body too.

Let’s imagine you work in an office with dull wood or metal desks. This will reflect on your working quality and efficiency. The reason is the lack of comfort and the boredom of run-of-the-mill workspaces. To better yield we can add transformation to the space like lots of colours on the walls or chairs, configure the spaces to make them comfortable. We can also add a game or recess room for the mind to reinvigorate.



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